Services from Winchester Acupuncture Clinic

The Winchester Acupuncture Clinic is the private practice of Carrie Walston.  We offer acupuncture treatments from both a five elements and TCM approach.  Our focus is on working with you to empower you to take charge of your health and wellness.  Acupuncture is an extremely effective form of medicine that can stand alone, but does not have to.  The very exciting thing about combining modern allopathic medical care with traditional holistic medicines is that you, the patient get complete and comprehensive care.  While your medical doctor has been trained to work with modern diseases, particularly in acute situations, they can sometimes fall short when it comes to quality of life and sense of happiness and wellbeing.  This is where Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shines.  

Acupuncturists are trained to work with the body’s natural state of balance/or imbalance.  The system allows for a much broader range of symptoms to be classified and treated, often before they can even be detected or diagnosed by western doctors.  Our offer to you is to partner with you in the care of the health of your body, and the wellness of your mind and spirit.   



Acupuncture is a medical model that recognizes channels of energy in the body called Meridians.  Each treatment includes a set of acupuncture points selected specifically for you on that day.  The treatment includes a consultation, pulse diagnosis, and point selection and treatment.  


Moxa is the common name for the herb Artemisia Argyi known as Mugwort.  The herb has healing properties and is used to warm and nourish the body systems either by direct application or indirect application.  Most people find receiving moxa treatment to be a warm, nourishing and pleasant experience.  


Occasionally the use of cupping will be applied.  Cupping is the practice of using air suction to bring blood and body fluids to the surface.  The most common use is the break up muscular tension or to help the body process and drain stagnant fluids.  

Heat Lamps

Heat lamps are a wonderful way to help the body heal.  A special band of far infrared electromagnetic energy is emitted which penetrates deep into the human body. The human body (cells) has higher absorption efficiency for far infrared energy than near infrared allowing the warmth to penetrate deep into the tissue for maximum benefit.

E-stim Acupuncture

Electrical stimulation is a modern addition to the ancient art of Chinese Medicine.  A small amount of electrical stimulation is applied to the acupuncture needles to provide continuous stimulation to the acupuncture point for a 10 to 20 minute period.