About Winchester Acupuncture Clinic

Our philosophy

We believe that the body is wise.  This means that innate in your being is the intelligence of the all knowing unbounded universe.  Cells do not need to be told how grow, or the heart told how to beat.  From the moment we are conceived our bodies are growing transforming and adjusting to the world around us.  That process never ceases, even in disease.  The role of acupuncture is to remind and assist the body in returning to its unique wholeness.  

Meet the Doctor: Carrie Walston Doctor of Acupuncture

I have always wanted to be a healer.  I chose acupuncture because I saw a philosophy and methodology that will help me to help others get well and stay well.  Transformation and growth are important values for me so I am always seeking to help others grow and expand in their lives.  I feel that I am successful as a healer when I hear my patients say "Now I know how to take care of myself" To me, truly listening to each patient and then teaching and sharing with them the knowledge that I have sought and studied is the best treatment that I can give.  

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