Stress Reduction Acupuncture/ 5 Element Acupuncture


Acupuncture resets your body’s equilibrium improving sleep, organ function and releasing muscle tension


In today's hectic world all of us may deal with fatigue, depression, or anxiety.  Acupuncture can help to rewire your nervous system to help you sleep better, have more energy and a calmer outlook on life.  



Acupuncture is a Natural Stress Reducer


Society today puts a huge emphasis on being busy and getting things done, and as a result we end up pushing ourselves and our schedules into a state of overwork and exhaustion.  In traditional societies natural stress release came through quiet and nourishing activities like getting plenty of sleep, being in nature, going for walks, and some form of meditation or prayer.  The lack of restful and regenerative activities like these has left us with more headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, digestive ills and trouble sleeping.  Acupuncture is a natural, safe and effective way to reset your system and get back to feeling yourself.  


Acupuncture hits the 'reset' button


People who get regular acupuncture treatments experience a greater sense of internal peace, greater focus and motivation, a renewed sense of vitality and enjoyment in life, the complete opposite of the cortisol roller coaster that leads to feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and irritability, sadness or depression.  

​Acupuncture research has shown that regular acupuncture patients experience less stress and more well-being.  So, acupuncture not only counteracts stress, but it helps your body to regulate itself and stop the stress cycle before it starts.  


Effects of Stress on the Body


  1. Increased pain and inflammation
  2. Headache
  3. Fatigue, Resistance to Exercise
  4. Change in sex drive
  5. Stomach upset, Overeating
  6. Sleep problems
  7. Anxiety, Sadness or depression
  8. Irritability or anger


Effects of Acupuncture on the Body

  1. Improved Sleep
  2. Improved Digestion
  3. Lowers High  Blood Pressure
  4. Reduces Cravings
  5. ​Eases Anxiety and Depression
  6. Increased Energy
  7. Increased Motivation
  8. ​Increased Peace and Vitality
  9. A Sense of Wellness